To overcome the economic and social malaise being experienced in some developing countries like Nigerian. Many people are looking to the private sector and a growth of a small scale enterprise as a way to salvation. This sector therefore needs to have some real spending power. A financial power, which although small for the individual, does not depend on or contribute to the destructive downward spiral of debt-loan-debt. There is one very obvious activity that could offer families and individuals the micro-enterprise that tips economic balance in favor of constructive of constructive growth, that activity is beekeeping.


Beekeeping, provide people with source of income and nutrition, it is a sustainable form of agriculture which is beneficial to the environment and provide economic reasons for the retention of nature habitats, and potentially increased yield from food and forage crops. Beekeeping enterprise has been identified as one of the economic activities with very high potential such as abundance of natural resources, easy integration in crop production, low technology requirement, and indigenous knowledge and skills. It is a viable tool for helping to meet the urgent needs of the rural poor.


The practice of Beekeeping is therefore one of the most pragmatic aspects of cottage industrialization affordable to all social economic strata. The technicalities, if any are not complicated and its practice neither compels nor demands deep academic knowledge. There is thus the desperate need to highlight the importance or prospects of beekeeping as a priority for immediate development both of the rural and urban settings.

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