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  • Beekeeping Consultancy
  • Beekeeping Training and Extension.
  • Apiary/Bee Farm Establishment and Management.
  • Pollination service
  • Sales of Honeybee Products (Honey, Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Bee Venom, Beeswax, Bee royal jelly and Honeycomb).
  • Beekeeping Equipment.
  • General Agro-allied Services.

IGB Wildflower

IGB Wildflower Honey captures the nectar from a myriad of flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers. Honey bees busily fly from flower to flower returning the nectar from a multitude of blossoms to their hive. When all these nectars combine to create a full-bodied, hearty honey, it is best described as Wildflower. Wildflower Honey has deep, rich flavor and is typically not as sweet as a Clover Honey.

IGB Golden Honey marries sweet Clover Honey with the Wildflower Honey, for a well-rounded, all-purpose honey. Golden Honey has a deeper flavor than Clover Honey and can be used in any recipe.

Alfalfa Honey

Dutch Gold’s Alfalfa Honey has been produced in the Wind River area of Wyoming, just outside of Riverton. In this part of central Wyoming, the alfalfa is irrigated, due to the dry conditions, and the plant is allowed to bloom for seed production, which is exactly what the beekeepers want. When the alfalfa bloom opens, the honey bees rush to collect the nectar to produce a delightful golden honey. Alfalfa Honey is a very mild, delicate honey.

Avocado Honey

Avocado honey is known to be bold and flavorful while maintaining a sweet characteristic through its earthy flavor profile. With notes of molasses and sorghum syrup, it makes a great baking substitute for a dark sweetener (brown sugar, molasses, sorghum) and has even been suggested as a replacement for maple syrup. Avocado honey is produced by bees foraging on the nectar of blossoms found on the tree.

Clover Honey

Clover Honey is the best-known varietal of honey and possesses the largest annual production. Clover honey is ideal for cooking, baking, and topping your favorite foods.

Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus trees are best known for the Koala Bears that eat their leaves, but the flowers of this tree yield nectar that the honey bees love to collect. IGB sources the finest Eucalyptus Honey and packages it for discriminating consumers.

Orange Blossom Honey

IGB Orange Blossom Honey brings the heavenly aroma of the orange groves right to your table. For years, beekeepers have brought their hives to the blossoming orange groves of Abia in the early spring so that the honey bees can collect the fragrant nectar. The beekeepers take great care to keep the Orange Blossom Honey separate from the other spring honey and quickly extract this golden liquid as soon as the trees lose their blossoms. Orange Blossom Honey’s unique fragrance makes it an unforgettable honey.

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