We are excited to roll out our online beekeeping training courses. We are the leading and No.1 in Nigeria. People around the country have been telling us they want to attend our beekeeping classes but they live too far away. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work to provide our classes online. Now hundreds have told us how much they have enjoyed going through our ONLINE courses

All Nigerians and other Africans can now enroll in our affordable but very reach Online Beekeeping Training courses. You now have two (2) options to be trained by the No.1 in firm in Apiculture Business in Nigeria. Our training goes with one full year follow up/ supervision to see you succeed.


For non-locals, there is now online beekeeping classes available to stream. The classes focuses on practical, natural beekeeping methods and philosophies. With a focus on what is best for the bees, not the beekeeper! First, get your feet wet with an online version of the popular Intro to Beekeeping Overview. Then, dive even deeper with the full online class!


  • Bee Life Circle
  • Choosing Hives
  • Making of Hives
  • Site Selection
  • Bee Hive Installation and
  • Harvesting

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